The dScan is crucial to the effective security of all business parks, estates and companies property. Manual visitor record books are highly ineffective means of management information and is largely inaccurate and mostly illegible.

With the implementation and roll out of the Protection of Information (POPI) Act, paper based access control registers are no longer compliant and will soon become obsolete.

dScan is a modern solution for its replacement of manual visitor record books. Scanning both motor vehicle and driver licenses the dScan visitor management system ensures all data is encrypted and stored on a secure PC/Server.  

Supports a Variety of Identity Documents – Automatic Extraction of all Data Points – Powerful Tech Features

Scanning ID with dScan is 20 times faster than manual data entry! This simplifies processes for your employees and saves you time and money. It also removes the need for expensive reading devices. With dScan, you can drastically improve your processes and stay agile at the same time!


Benefits of using dScan:

  • Accuracy of information
  • Elimination of paper based access control registers
  • Improved speed of processing visitors and contractors
  • Automatic warnings of undesirables people / vehicles
  • Customized  Reporting
  • dScan can form part of or be a standalone visitors management solution.
  • Lightweight and Compact Design: Reduces user fatigue by offering all of the functionality needed in an easy-to carry form.
  • Rugged and Reliable: Durable construction and sealing deliver reliable operation and maximize worker uptime
  • Long battery life: Effective power management ensure fully operation in the access of 12 hours from a single charge.
  • Easy to operate: Ideal for guard use with easy work flow     and operate in virtually any lightning condition.
  • Network Connections: choose from USB only or a USB and WIFI for offline and online operations
  • Licence fee: Included in the purchase price, no yearly renewals

Access 2 Campaign helps you make money in one dScan