Performing alcohol & drug testing at your place of business or job site offers many benefits, including simplified logistics and the convenience of not having to coordinate the collection process.

Through our mobile, on-site collection service, we make it easier for you, your employees and job candidates to provide urine, oral fluid, hair or breath alcohol specimens for testing.

Benefits of on-site drug testing:

  • Our mobile service means less downtime for you and your workforce.
  • Results are available immediately
  • No need to approach any clinic for laboratory, on-site drug testing saves you clinic and call out fees of nurses.
  • No waiting for appointments and reports from laboratories
  • You can test multiple people at one time
  • On-site drug testing gives instant results with accuracy up to 98%.

On-site drug testing at schools:

We do drug testing at your school to serve as a deterrent and give students a reason to resist peer pressure.

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Pre-employment drug testing is the most important type of drug testing, very often not performed. First and foremost, pre-employment drug screening enables you to make confident hiring decisions that can have a huge impact on your business. By testing employees before employment, you eliminate potential problems from the start. 

Costs are minimal compared to; advertising, recruitment, training fees for one new hire and the cost of dismissing them again! 

If you automatically test employees from the get-go and notify potential employees of your policy, you can reduce the number of candidates who apply with a pre-existing drug or alcohol problem.

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