Random Search Selection is a simple security procedure that is well established across a wide range of industries such as loss prevention, alcohol & drugs testing in fact anywhere, where a totally random call needs to be made. It’s a random process of selecting people from a group in a totally random and unpredictable.

There are many of ways to implement this procedure such as software selecting from a list of employees, but this is flawed as it has little or no visible deterrent & could be argued that the software is manipulated in some way. You could randomly select people for search however by the very nature of using people to do the task, it cannot be truly random, 'people' are not inclined to be random, we think before we act, therefore any individual selected (or allowed to pass!) has been done so for a reason - that is not random & therefore biased or open to corruption with the associated discrimination implications. Then of course you could have a large bag of balls marked search or pass, not exactly portraying the cutting edge professional image you would expect in this day & age.

Random Search Selectors are truly random, unbiased and incorruptible, always 'awake' and functioning, and importantly provide the high profile deterrent that makes Random Search Selection such an efficient and cost effective method of company policy enforcement. Typically you would only need to set 5% alarm rate in an established secure establishment; this ratio can be adjusted by yourself very simply should you need to.

New Double Check Random Selektor 1 

Available as:

  • Double Check model PASS, CHECK 1, CHECK 2 labelling
  • Double search model PASS, SEARCH 1, SEARCH 2 labelling
  • PASS, ALCOHOL, DRUGS labelling

A random selector powered from 3 “AA” batteries for portable applications. With two independent percentage settings that can be set to any value from 0 to 100% by using the setting switches located inside the battery cover. The Alcohol/Drug model shown is ideal for an unbiased random testing for intoxication. 

Please note: The Selektor 1 is not a fully sealed unit and therefore is not recommended for external use

Dimensions: W 8.8cm L 17cm D 5cm Weight 220g

Selektor 1

Random Search Selectors are designed as a 'stand alone' self contained portable unit that is ready to go 'out of the box', simply set the desired percentage 'search' ratio, plug in the supplied mains adaptor, or fit batteries if preferred, and it's ready for use. The unit can also be permanently installed by fixing to a wall or work surface.

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Spot-Checker is a battery powered electronic random check selector mounted on a robust plastic clipboard. The unit can be hand held or placed on a desk top. Uses include Security or Health & Safety policy enforcement.

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Selektor II

The SELEKTOR II is the ideal solution to prevent losses from warehouses, shops or factories. The equipment allows a completely random sample of the workforce to be selected for search or dug/alcohol testing. Pushing the button maintains awareness of the company search and DOA policy and acts as a continuous deterrent to theft and intoxication.

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Remote Pushbutton Unit

The remote pushbutton is connected to the SELEKTOR II via a plug in lead (supplied) and is suitable for installation in external applications.


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Remote Indicator Unit 

The remote indicator unit is connected to the SELEKTOR II via a plug in lead (supplied) and is suitable for installation in external applications.


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