Remote alcohol monitoring enables:

  • trucking companies
  • employers
  • courts
  • treatment providers
  • friends and family members
  • family law, custody case workers 

to accurately track and assess individuals with alcohol abuse or addiction disorders and alcohol-related legal issues in real-time and from anywhere.

Remote alcohol monitoring offers peace of mind that loved ones are safely consuming alcohol or maintaining sobriety when they can’t be with them.

The court overseeing the case may struggle to find the right balance between ensuring the child has a relationship with the addicted or recovering parent and ensuring the child’s physical safety.

Fortunately, our new technology in the form of remote alcohol and sobriety monitoring apps is making it easier to address these types of substance abuse issues in custody cases.

Remote alcohol monitoring is a handheld breathalyzer that tests the alcohol levels in a person’s system, and then sends that information to another party such as the other parent or the guardian ad litem.

The breathalyzer results can be received almost immediately, which can give the parent peace of mind that the other party is not drinking around or in front of the children.