The NObreath® fractional exhaled nitric oxide test monitor, recommended in the NICE guidance for measuring  FeNO concentration in Asthma (DG12).
Measuring FeNO with NObreath® FeNO tester allows consistent, non-invasive measurement of expired breath Nitric Oxide (NO). This can be used as a marker for airway inflammation and on-going monitoring of treatment.

What is FeNO testing?

FeNO stands for Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide.
It is a simple breath test that measures the level of Nitric Oxide Concentration that the body naturally produces in the airways.
In an asthmatic person, the bronchial tubes in the airways become inflamed. Nitric Oxide is produced at a higher than normal concentration. This can be used as a non-invasive biomarker of airway inflammation in asthma sufferers.1,2


The test is very simple to perform and easy to interpret with a single value reading in parts per billion (ppb).1,2 Unlike spirometry, it requires minimal patient compliance and respiratory effort.

A positive FeNO reading in conjunction with spirometry and peak flow tests can help confirm a diagnosis of asthma in a patient and/or support ongoing treatment for the disease.1

Infographic of Normal and Asthmatic airways

Why FeNO testing?

FeNO testing is shown to be superior to the majority of convential tests of lung function3
Whilst Spirometry and provocation testing methods are widely used in asthma assessments, these tests only really show a partial picture as they are indirectly associated with airway inflammation.4
Spirometry and peak flow measurement also rely heavily on patient compliance and the need for a good quality spirometry test. Results from spirometry and peak flow tests can effectively show that a patient has an obstruction, however conditions such as COPD or chronic cough may present symptoms that are similar to that found in asthma.5Consequently this could lead to patients either being mis-diagnosed or not receiving the right treatment for the disease.6

Quick and accurate measurement of FeNO. Without the expensive consumables and running costs.

The Bedfont® NObreath® is a simple to use, battery-powered handheld monitor that measures Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) in the breath. The device has been designed for use in almost any clinical setting and can be used to test children as well as adults.

An adult patient blows into the NObreath® for 12 seconds giving an instant result for FeNO in ppb (parts per billion). The higher the FeNO reading the greater the inflammation in the airways.


Free FeNO Chart PC Software.

FeNO Chart PC software comes free with the NObreath monitor as standard. It allows for test results stored on the monitor to be downloaded via USB cable to any PC.


The software facilitates the electronic recording of FeNO test results with trending in order to easily track patient compliance to prescribed medication for better management of the condition.

A PDF report option allows for easy export and attachment to any patient record system in just a few clicks.